Posted July 10th, 2024

In a significant boost for the Wherrol Flat community, Member for Myall Lakes, Tanya Thompson has announced a $35,000 State Government grant for the upgrade of Wherrol Flat Hall.

“This funding, allocated under the Community Building Partnership Program, will build a paved outdoor pergola area with lighting and a BBQ space, as well as demolish the old toilet block,” said Mrs Thompson.

“This is a much-needed upgrade, Wherrol Flat Hall plays a vital role as a community disaster and refuge recovery centre during emergencies such as bushfires and floods.

“The Hall is utilised by local community groups and is a fantastic local hub for socialising, I am looking forward to seeing the upgrades take place.”

Paul Cuttel, Vice President of Wherrol Flat Hall said, “The hall is the central hub for Wherrol Flat/Caparra and the new structure will give locals a much-needed area to come together and share our wonderful community and village.

“The Wherrol Flat Hall is extremely grateful for this much needed injection of funds into our vibrant community. We would like to thank all who worked to ensure this grant and look forward to sharing our new space with everyone involved,” said Mr Cuttel.

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