Posted July 10th, 2024

The community of Marlee are looking forward to a more comfortable experience when attending functions at the Marlee Hall, following a successful $13,000 Community Building Partnership grant application, announced Tanya Thompson, Member for Myall Lakes.

Mrs Thompson visited Marlee Hall to share the exciting news to the Marlee Hall and Progress Association.
“This funding will provide new, hospitality banquet-style chairs to replace the outdated ones currently in use,” said Mrs Thompson.

“Marlee Hall hosts a variety of events, including morning teas, dances, community BBQs, and birthday celebrations. These new chairs will be a valuable addition and well-utilised in supporting their diverse activities.”

“It is wonderful to see communities across the Myall Lakes benefitting from infrastructure project funding, I look forward to trying out the new chairs on my next visit to Marlee Hall.”

Ken Cameron, President of Marlee Hall and Progress Association said, “New chairs have been on the committee’s wish list for several years and we are most grateful the State Government and our representative, Tanya Thompson, supported our application.

“New, more comfortable chairs will make for a more pleasurable experience for all attendees at the hall but especially those who are elderly.”

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