State Flag Request

It is NSW Government policy to provide a New South Wales State Flag, free of charge, to scout groups, guide districts, recognised youth associations, and selected nonprofit, charitable and community groups which have the facilities to permit the proper flying or display of the flag on a regular basis. Please note that organisations which are confined to one activity (e.g. a football club) do not qualify for a flag.

Eligible groups

  • Charitable and community organisations which can demonstrate the appropriate use of a State Flag. Previously a flag was only supplied to the State headquarters of selected non-profit charitable and community organisations
  • Scouting Groups – one flag will be available to each scouting group
  • Girl Guide Districts – one flag will be provided to each Girl Guide District
  • Recognised Youth Organisations – a Recognised Youth Organisation is one which confines its membership predominantly to persons below the age of 21; is of longstanding or appears to have good prospects of stability; is constituted under the guidance of an adult management; has a recognised meeting place, and a wide range of youth activities

Did you know that in addition to a State Flag, NSW has a State flower, bird, gemstone, fish, animal and fossil? See the dedicated website to find out more.

If your organisation qualifies for a State Flag, please contact my office on (02) 6555 4099.