Posted August 23rd, 2023

Tanya Thompson, Member for Myall Lakes, is steadfast in her commitment to the permanent opening of Farquhar Inlet and a reliable entrance to the Manning River between Harrington and Manning Point. This commitment is a continuation of the groundwork laid by her predecessor, the late Stephen Bromhead.

During his tenure as the Member for Myall Lakes, Stephen Bromhead championed a petition to the NSW Parliament for the funding of both a permanent navigable entrance at Harrington and a non-navigable permanent entrance at Farquhar Inlet. This proposal, which holds immense potential for economic growth and positive social change in the Myall Lakes region, received unanimous support from the Legislative Assembly of NSW in August 2022.

Both Thompson and the Manning River Action Group were disappointed upon discovering that the allocated funding for the next stage of the project had been withdrawn and the project had been ‘shelved’ shortly after the March 2023 election.

“Considering the unanimous support of the Legislative Assembly on this matter and the clear economic and environmental benefits of this project, I call on the Minister for Transport to reinstate the funding essential for the project’s continuation,” Thompson highlighted. “This has been over a 100-year struggle for the people of the Manning. Stephen Bromhead fought hard in securing funding to ensure this project’s progression, and I will continue to fight to see this project complete.”

The intermittent closure of Farquhar Inlet can lead to issues such as compromised water quality, flooding of low-lying areas, and detrimental to fish populations. Thompson emphasises, “A permanent opening will address all of these challenges. By continuing to advocate for a permanent opening, I can ensure the environmental health of the region while creating opportunities for local businesses and communities to thrive.”

“We need to continue to explore comprehensive strategies that will not only address the challenges posed by closure but also foster long-term ecological balance. Our aim is to create a solution that will serve our community for generations to come.”

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