Posted May 6th, 2024

The NSW Liberals and Nationals will seek to introduce the Bail Amendment (Serious Personal Violence and Electronic Monitoring) Bill 2024 when Parliament resumes next week.

The legislation will amend the Bail Act 2013 to implement our proposals to strengthen bail laws:

  • Expand the use of electronic monitoring devices to bail on serious domestic violence charges
  • Expand the grounds for staying the granting of bail for serious domestic violence charges
  • Remove the power for registrars to determine bail for serious personal violence charges where bail is opposed, given the widespread audio-visual capacity across our courthouses enabling magistrates to make orders from centralised locations if necessary.

Member for Myall Lakes, Tanya Thompson said these measures will improve safety for victims of family and domestic violence in our community.

“We need to take swift and decisive action to protect the women of the Myall Lakes and across NSW,” Mrs Thompson said.

NSW Nationals Leader Dugald Saunders said a bipartisan approach is needed to protect women no matter where they are from, with half of the 27 domestic violence related deaths this year occurring in regional parts of Australia.

“Those living in the regions are particularly hurting after the tragic death of Molly Ticehurst. We know it can be harder for women to leave abusive relationships when the live in the country because they often have nowhere else to go,” Mr Saunders said.

Deputy Leader of the NSW Nationals Bronnie Taylor said the statistics are too shocking to bear.

“On average, one woman is killed every nine days by a current or former partner in Australia, and those numbers are more than just statistics, they are women who were mothers, sisters, daughters, colleagues and friends,” Mrs Taylor said.

Leader of the Nationals in the Upper House Sarah Mitchell said there is an overwhelming sense of helplessness, of fear, and of anger, and we have seen this reveal itself in protests on the streets and on social media.

Women are telling political leaders that substantial change is needed, and as a regional woman who has the privilege to sit in Parliament, I will add my voice to these calls because enough is enough and we know we deserve better,” Mrs Mitchell said.

The NSW Nationals invite the Government and the crossbench to act and to support our proposals. We wish to be constructive – we are more than willing to discuss and consider any amendments they suggest to our legislation and their own proposals.

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