Posted September 19th, 2023

Tanya Thompson, Member for Myall Lakes, is disappointed and concerned as the Labor government has withdrawn crucial funding in the 2023/24 Budget that was allocated for the Forster Public Hospital.

In the 2022/23 budget, the Coalition government had allocated $20 million towards a much-needed Forster Public Hospital. This funding was necessary for the Myall Lakes community, making a big difference to the lives of people living in the Great Lakes area. However, the Labor government’s decision to retract this vital funding in the 2023/24 budget is a devastating blow to the people of Myall Lakes.

Mrs Thompson, who has been persistent in her commitment to Forster Hospital, had a meeting with Ryan Park, the Minister for Health, on June 27th this year. During this meeting, Minister Park gave Thompson clear assurances that the funding for the Forster Hospital was secure.

“The $20 million allocated for the Forster Public Hospital is insignificant in the grand scheme of the budget, but its impact on our community is immeasurable,” Mrs Thompson stated.

“This funding was a lifeline for our residents, a symbol of progress and commitment to improving healthcare services in our region. It’s disheartening to witness Labor’s decision to abandon our health and well-being.”

The initial funding announcement for the Forster Public Hospital, made in the 2022-23 NSW State Budget, was a commitment of the NSW Nationals to enhance healthcare services in rural and regional areas. The promise of a modern, purpose-built facility that would provide emergency, inpatient, and outpatient care was welcomed with open arms by the people of Forster-Tuncurry.

“My predecessor, Stephen Bromhead worked tirelessly advocating for this public hospital and expanding health services in Forster. This is his legacy and I’m angered that it’s been taken away from our community.’ said Mrs Thompson.

“The people of Myall Lakes deserve better than this and I will continue to fight for the reallocation of this $20 million and the healthcare services our community desperately needs.”

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