Posted March 13th, 2024

In response to growing concerns over the impact of crime in regional areas, Tanya Thompson, Member for Myall Lakes, has urged residents and families affected by such issues to come forward and share their experiences.

The NSW Opposition is leading a campaign to ensure the voices of regional communities are heard and addressed by the Government.

“The Government’s regional crime package, while a step in the right direction, falls short of adequately addressing the pressing issues faced by regional communities across the state,” said Mrs Thompson.

“It is important that we hear directly from those impacted to ensure that our response is comprehensive and effective.”

Mrs Thompson emphasised the need for a tailored approach, stating, “Each town has its own unique challenges and resources. What works for Moree may not necessarily work for other communities like the Myall Lakes, Bourke, Dubbo, Casino, and others.”

$13.4 million has been allocated by the NSW Government for a pilot program in Moree, Mrs Thompson stressed the need for sustained and broader support.

“While the funding for Moree is a positive step, it does not address the systemic issues faced by other communities. We cannot afford to leave any town behind in our efforts to combat crime,” she said.

Mrs Thompson also questions the sustainability of the allocated funds, stating, “There is uncertainty surrounding whether this funding is new or redirected from existing programs. There is no guarantee of continued support beyond the pilot phase, which is concerning.”

Mrs Thompson reiterated the need for a Parliamentary Inquiry to comprehensively address the core issues underlying regional crime.

“I cannot stress this enough; our country cops are doing commendable work with limited resources. An inquiry would provide valuable insights into the root causes of crime and allow our law enforcement agencies to effectively tackle the issue.”

“The Government needs to prioritise the safety and well-being of regional communities and ensure sustained efforts to address crime-related challenges.”

If you or someone you know has been impacted by crime in rural and regional parts of the state, please share your experiences at

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