Posted July 11th, 2023

Seniors across the Myall Lakes are coming out in force, to take a stand.

Tanya Thompson MP, member for Myall Lakes, joined forces with Dugald Saunders MP, Leader of the NSW National Party, and hosted a public meeting on July 11th 2023. The purpose of this gathering was to address the decision made by the Labor government to cease accepting applications for the Regional Seniors Travel Card as of 7am on the 7th of July 2023.

‘The Regional Seniors Travel Card had been a lifeline for seniors residing in regional areas, providing them with affordable and accessible transportation options. However, the cancellation of this essential program will leave many seniors without an affordable means of traveling within their communities and beyond,’ Mrs Thompson said.

During the public meeting held at John Wright Park in Tuncurry, Mrs Thompson and Mr Saunders engaged with the community, raising awareness about the implications of the possible cancellation and garnering support for reinstating the program. The NSW National Party has launched a petition to stop the Labor government from cutting the Regional Seniors Travel Card. Mrs Thompson hopes the petition will save the seniors travel card from being cut in the upcoming NSW budget.

“The Labor Government has completely underestimated how valuable the Regional

Seniors Travel Card is to seniors living in regional NSW,” Mr Saunders said.

Thompson and Saunders acknowledged the significant role the Regional Seniors Travel Card plays in promoting social inclusion, maintaining active lifestyles for seniors, and enabling access to essential services. The support received at the meeting will be instrumental in influencing decision-makers to reinstate this vital program.

“Living on the Mid Coast is beautiful, but it can be harder for our seniors to travel long distances or simply make it to essential appointments. We want to send a message from Myall Lakes to the government that the Regional Seniors Travel Card is not a luxury, it is a necessity,” Mrs Thompson said.

To sign the petition to save the Regional Seniors Travel Card, visit: https://www.nswnationals.org.au/save-the-travel-card/

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