Posted May 29th, 2023

The New South Wales Labor Government has refused to rule out cutting the Regional
Apprentice and University Student Travel Card in its September Budget.

The former Liberal and Nationals Government travel card has been instrumental in
assisting over 5,000 regional apprentices since its inception this year to manage the
cost of travel associated with their studies or apprenticeships.

Member for the Myall Lakes electorate Tanya Thompson said the comments by Labor
last week just confirm what we already knew – if you don’t live in Sydney, Newcastle
or Wollongong the Labor Government doesn’t care.

“When this card launched earlier this year I met with a local hairdresser in my
electorate, who said this card would help with travel expenses for her first-year
apprentice, Mrs Thompson said.

Natalie described the card as a welcome boost to the family budget and urged the
current Government not to scrap the program.

“Regional Transport Minister Jenny Aitchison on Thursday last week in Parliament
refused to rule out cutting the card. Labor needs to come clean about whether it truly
supports cost of living measures like this card.”

Tanya Thompson said it is disappointing to see the lack of commitment from the
current government given the investment the former Liberal and Nationals
Government had made to ease cost of living pressures.

“We know the difference this card is already making and will continue to make right
across regional NSW. Labor needs to come clean on its plans and not keep stringing
people along pretending it cares about cost of living.” Mrs Thompson said.

The NSW Liberals and Nationals remain committed to advocating for regional
apprentices and university students, and will continue to put pressure on the
Government to stop cutting support in a time of unprecedented cost of living pressures.

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