Posted June 13th, 2023

This week celebrates Men’s Health Week, focusing on building healthy habits by
identifying small changes that can benefit men’s and boys’ health and wellbeing.
Member for Myall Lakes, Tanya Thompson said Men’s Health Week is designed to
encourage discussion about improving the physical, emotional and mental health of
men and boys.

“We all have a role to play in encouraging each other towards good health, and a big
part of that is around shared experiences like going for walks together, playing sport
or even sharing healthy meals together,” Mrs Thompson said.
“Keeping healthy is important to promote a positive environment with your children
and can have a huge impact.”

One of the ways men in the Myall Lakes can stay connected is through ‘The Man
Walk’. This group meets every Monday morning in Tuncurry and it gives men an
opportunity, and a safe space to open up and discuss any issues they may be having.
For more information on The Man Walk, Terry Green can be contacted on 0434 843
436 or email

“Having lost my younger brother to suicide in 2015, I know the impact mental health
issues can have on families. It’s so important that we continue to break down the
stigma attached to mental health and in particular men’s mental health, “Mrs
Thompson said.

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