Posted December 1st, 2023

Labor has once again turned its back on regional New South Wales by denying their elected Members of Parliament from debating the Labor Government’s shameful decision to cancel the Regional Seniors Travel Card.

Member for Myall Lakes, Tanya Thompson said this was the second time the Government has prevented regional MP’s from voicing their concerns on behalf of their seniors on the floor of Parliament.”

“The Regional Seniors Travel Card was a much-needed lifeline for our local seniors. The $250 prepaid card boosted their travel budgets, helping them get out to see friends and family, or to travel long distances for medical appointments,” Mrs Thompson said.

“Since the axing of the Regional Seniors Travel Card, over 1,000 Myall Lakes constituents signed a petition for this program to be reinstated.

“Labor gagged the debate, mid-debate in the chamber, stopping regional MP’s from raising concerns of the many seniors that will struggle without this cost-of-living support.

“The loudest voices in the debate were city-based Labor MP’s who refuse to listen and weren’t willing to hear about the strain this decision has put on our constituents.

“Time and time again, regional MPs stand up to speak on behalf of our communities and the Labor Government just shuts them down, which is a disgraceful reflection of their city-centric regime,” Mrs Thompson said.

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