Posted November 30th, 2023

Last week the GoodSAM responder app was officially launched in NSW, which enhances emergency response capabilities.

Member for Myall Lakes, Tanya Thompson is encouraging the community to sign up for the free GoodSAM app. “I understand the importance of immediate action during cardiac emergencies, the first few minutes are critical. Our paramedics are under more pressure than ever in the Myall Lakes and this app can help save lives.”

NSW Ambulance has collaborated with GoodSAM and the app is integrated with the NSW Ambulance Triple Zero (000) dispatch system, ensuring a rapid and coordinated response in the critical first moments of a cardiac emergency.

This innovative application seamlessly connects patients in need of CPR with trained first responders in their vicinity, bridging the crucial time gap until paramedics can arrive at the scene.

“If you are willing and able to perform CPR, and are aged 18 or older, you can sign up to receive alerts when someone needs help,” encourages Mrs Thompson.

“The app not only connects volunteers with patients but also shows the locations of publicly accessible defibrillators registered with GoodSAM, which allows users to access them if needed.”

Last year alone, the global network of 1.5 million GoodSAM volunteers played a crucial role in saving the lives of cardiac arrest patients, averaging one life saved every three minutes.

“Since the launch of the app in NSW, 4 lives have already been saved,” said Mrs Thompson.

To join the GoodSAM community and learn more about this life-saving initiative visit:

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