Posted June 21st, 2023

Tanya Thompson, Member for Myall Lakes, has criticised the Labor Government’s
recent decision to slash the value of Active Kids and First Lap vouchers, discontinue
the Creative Kids voucher, and impose stringent eligibility criteria on NSW families.
As thousands of families in the Myall Lakes region rely on these annual vouchers to
enrol their children in sporting and creative activities, Thompson has taken a firm
stand to protect their access to these vital resources.

During Question Time at NSW Parliament this week, Tanya Thompson addressed
her concerns directly to the Minister for Customer Service, highlighting the
detrimental impact of these changes on families. She stated, “Last week, your
government announced the slashing of Active Kids, Creative Kids, and First Lap.
What other cost of living savings and rebates available through Service NSW is the
government going to cut?”

Expressing her disappointment at the Labor Government’s decision, Thompson
emphasised the adverse effects of reducing these successful programs at a time
when the cost of living is soaring, placing significant pressure on household budgets.
She remains steadfast in her commitment to supporting families in the Myall Lakes
community and ensuring that children have access to opportunities for physical
activity, sports, and creative pursuits.

“Labour’s cut to these essential programs is disheartening, as it hampers our mission
to support families in the Myall Lakes region,” Thompson stated. “With rising costs of
living, it is crucial to provide avenues for our children to engage in physical activity
and pursue their creative passions. I will continue to fight for their rights and work
towards securing opportunities for them.”

Tanya Thompson is dedicated to advocating for the needs of Myall Lakes families,
recognising the importance of nurturing children’s growth and development through
these valuable vouchers. She urges the government to reconsider their decision and
prioritise the welfare of the community.

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