Posted January 15th, 2024

Club Taree are successful recipients of a $200,000 grant from the NSW Government Infrastructure Grants Program. This funding, secured through the Clubgrants Category 3 Fund, will be provided for the upgrade of evacuation centre bathroom facilities.

Member for Myall Lakes, Tanya Thompson said Club Taree was one of 3 Myall Lakes organisations to receive a share in $355,124 through the August round of this grants program.

“The allocation of $200,000 for the Club Taree evacuation centre upgrade will greatly benefit our community. Club Taree plays a vital role in supporting the community during challenging times, as seen during the Black Summer fires and floods,” Mrs Thompson said.

The funds will play a crucial role in constructing specialised facilities designed for use during emergency evacuations. This includes the development of disabled bathroom facilities, a family room, and a first aid room, elements that are essential during times of crisis.

Paul Allan, CEO of Club Taree, highlighted the impact of these facilities on the community, saying, “These facilities will ensure that we can offer a more dignified and comfortable experience during times of evacuation.”

“We have a strong community, which Club Taree is very proud to be a part of our team along with the endless community volunteers work hard to offer care and support to those seeking respite during disasters and their job is made easier and less stressful by having access to facilities such as those that this funding will build,” said Mr Allan.

“Club Taree is a focal point for our community during these times of evacuation and it is important that we are supported by these on hand facilities.

“We look forward to seeing the project move into fruition to be on hand for our community when needed. We look forward to future opportunities for additional funding to complete our community evacuation facilities.

“We thank Tanya Thompson for her support of our application and Minister Harris for the funding approval,” concluded Mr Allan.

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